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"Make the Yuletide Gay" Press Kit

Title: "Make the Yuletide Gay"

Author: Ivy L. James

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pairing: F/F (lesbian)

Tagline: When an assistant editor and her boss get snowed in together, mistletoe is only the beginning.


Junior editor Grace Taylor is doubling as the temporary assistant to senior editor Nicola Valentine…and harboring a secret crush on her. Grace is devastated when a work conference forces her to miss her big family Christmas. However, she gets a gift she doesn’t expect when a snowstorm strands her and Nicola at a small B&B.

Nicola has no idea how to handle sharing a room with her gorgeous, vibrant assistant. As she learns to share her heart as well, her fear threatens the blossoming relationship. Can she let Grace in, or will Nicola’s past sabotage her chance at happiness?

Content warnings: Adult language, sexual content, and childhood emotional abuse/neglect


Author Bio: Ivy L. James wrote her first story on Post-It notes as a child. Since then, she has graduated to regular paper and enjoys writing inclusive, heartwarming romance as a way to counterbalance the negativity in the world. She lives in Maryland with her partner and their corgi, cat, and two snakes.

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