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A Catch-Up, Catch-All Blog Post!

Updated: May 2

Okay, so it's been a while since I posted a blog here or a vlog on YouTube, catching you up on what I've been up to. Let's remedy that, shall we?

Now, I've been a busy bee. I have ten (10) updates for you.

A Real-Life Update

First of all, I... got married??

Yep, I married the love of my life in an intimate ceremony on 27 September 2022. I wore a black dress; she wore a white dress. It was a gorgeous day.

Two engagement rings (one sapphire, one diamond)

A Romance Novel

Second, I published Love, Lorena with NineStar Press in October 2022.

My matchmaker/princess romance novel features royalty, opposites attract, pets, a fictional European country, bi femme leads, and several steamy scenes.

Cover of Love, Lorena


Lorena García Fernández has built her matchmaking company, “Love, Lorena,” from the ground up, but her parents refuse to acknowledge the business as legitimate. Hoping to impress them, she travels to Ìovoria to find Crown Prince Callum a match. However, when Callum unexpectedly abdicates, his wild sister, Rosamund, becomes the crown princess and Lorena’s new client.
Lorena knows “Rowdy Rosamund” from the news headlines, but as she helps the princess, she learns there’s more to Rose than her public persona. The two women grow closer with each date Lorena sets up for the crown princess, and Lorena finds herself falling for Rose.
With only a month to find the perfect match, each failure increases the pressure to succeed. How will Lorena choose between her duty and her heart?

Love, Lorena Links:

A Short Story in an Anthology

Third, I published "Kiss of the Lethe" with other AuthorTubers in The Stygian Collection, which came out July 2023.


This short story centers around Cassia, an acolyte in the temple of Athena in ancient Greece, who's one-sidedly in love with her best friend, Anthe. When Cassia falls ill and dies, she finds herself in the Underworld at the River Styx. A walk along the Styx and the Lethe has her wondering whether it would be better to forget Anthe altogether...

I've been describing this short story as "sad lesbians in Ancient Greece," and it's only kind of a joke. This anthology is dark, and "Kiss of the Lethe" has a tragic ending, so be forewarned.

Cover of the Stygian Collection

"Kiss of the Lethe" links:

A Poem in an Anthology

Fourth, I published poetry for the first time ever! My poem "78" is featured in the Seers and Sibyls anthology by Brigids Gate Press, which released in September 2023.

This is a collection of 30 stories and poems about those who have the power to see the future. Will you open the book and read their prophecies?

My poem, "78," is about a contemporary seer: a tarot reader who works with her goddesses to provide guidance by the cards.

Cover of Seers and Sibyls, edited by MJ Pankey

A Poem in a Magazine

Fifth, my poem "'lesbian' isn't a bad word" was published as part of the Labels issue with Snowflake Magazine!

This poem explores the way my sexuality labels have shifted and changed over the years and how I've come to terms with the word "lesbian."

Cover of Snowflake Magazine: The Labels Issues

"'lesbian isn't a bad word" links:

A Personal Essay

Sixth, my personal essay "A Shattered Statuette" was published in the HerStry blog as part of their Women of Faith series!

This essay delves into my experiences growing up queer in an evangelical church and the ways my spirituality has changed over the years.

"A Shattered Statuette" link: Read for free on the HerStry blog.

Editing Services

Seventh, I've been providing freelance copy/line edits and proofreading.

My rates are $0.005/word for copy/line edits and $0.003/word for proofreading.

I'll edit any genre of fiction or nonfiction prose, but not poetry.

Editing services link: this page on my author website

Poetry Chapbooks in Progress

Eighth, I've been developing poetry chapbooks for indie publication.

My debut will be The Orange and Pink Sunset, a sapphic poetry chapbook about my experiences, joys, and difficulties as a lesbian. As of 6 September 2023, the manuscript is with the editor, getting beautified.

Other chapbooks I'm drafting:

  • Love Letters to Strangers: sapphic poetry

  • As Above, So Below: witchy poetry

  • What Goes Up: mental health poetry about my bipolar II disorder and anxiety

Another Romance Novel in Progress

Ninth, I managed (somehow) the first draft of The Winner Takes It All, and I'm now revising and expanding the manuscript based on editorial and beta-reader feedback.

This is the second book in the Virginia is for All Lovers series. (Book 1 is Border Ctrl+Esc.) The series features an ensemble cast, so you'll see a lot of familiar faces, but each book can be read as a standalone!

I also have the cover art from Neimy Kanani, but it's a secret!

Book Signing Event in October

Tenth, I've scheduled my first book event!

I will be signing books, giving brief readings from my books and upcoming poetry chapbook, and doing a book-swag giveaway.

Date: 7 October 2023

Location: Fenwick Street Used Books and Music at 41665 Fenwick St, Leonardtown, MD 20650

Hours: 10a-5p Eastern time

You can bring your own copy in to be signed, or alternatively, when you arrive at the bookstore, you can buy a copy from me directly.

Here are the published paperback books I will sign with my metallic red Sharpie:

  • Border Ctrl+Esc

  • Love, Lorena

  • The Stygian Collection

  • Seers and Sybils

If you're in the area, come say hi! I'd love to chat with you!


So here's what I've been up to:

  1. Got married

  2. Published Love, Lorena

  3. Published "Kiss of the Lethe"

  4. Published "78"

  5. Published "'lesbian' isn't a bad word"

  6. Published "A Shattered Statuette"

  7. Provided editing services

  8. Drafted The Orange and Pink Sunset

  9. Drafted The Winner Takes It All

  10. Scheduled a book event

Now go forth and make your dreams come true!

I believe in you!


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You can also follow me on TikTok (@AuthorIvyLJames), Instagram (@authorivyljames), Twitter (@AuthorIvyLJames), Facebook ("Author Ivy L. James"), and YouTube ("Author Ivy L. James")! I post about writing, writing romance specifically, adulting, my corgi Pippa Finn, and other fun things.



Make the Yuletide Gay (lesbian holiday romance):

Border Ctrl+Esc (queer m/f marriage of convenience):

Love, Lorena (sapphic matchmaker/princess romance):

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