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"78" is a narrative poem about Sigrid, a modern-day tarot card reader who uses the cards to communicate with her goddesses.

This poem is part of Seers and Sibyls, published by Brigids Gate Press, edited by MJ Pankey.

The collection released on 5 September 2023!

Buy it in ebook or paperback here!

"I'm not letting go"

"I'm not letting go" is a vicious little sapphic poem about how tightly I hold on to what (and whom) I love.

This poem is upcoming in Scavengers Literary Magazine!

The Orange and Pink Sunset

The Orange and Pink Sunset is my debut poetry chapbook. It contains 27 sapphic poems themed around my experiences, joys, and difficulties as a lesbian.

CW: familial homophobia, religious homophobia, mild adult language, sensual content, brief violent imagery

It's upcoming, expected to publish around January 2024! Official cover to come!

"'lesbian' isn't a bad word"

"'lesbian' isn't a bad word" explores the ways my sexuality labels have shifted and changed over the years and how I've come to terms with the word "lesbian."

This poem was published in September 2023 in the Labels issue of Snowflake Magazine!

You can buy the physical edition or the digital edition.

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