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Short Stories

"Kiss of the Lethe"

Cassia finds herself in the Ancient Greek Underworld, missing her beloved best friend. Part of the Stygian Collection.

Word count: 1326


Allison kept her baggage

tucked away from the eyes of visitors.

Word count: 690

"Sneaking In"

Alone and quiet and happy that way, Gio opened the door to a colorful stranger with a strange request: "Can you help me sneak my cat into the dorm?"

Word count: 1775


I slide another sympathy casserole into my fridge. What kind of plan puts you in a coma?

Word count: 193

"The Weather in Paris"

Rafael wants to pack.
Declan wants to distract him.

Word count: 785

"Fit for a Queen"

A royally commissioned pirate returns to the queen with tales and gifts...and a mutual desire that has burned during those months at sea.

Word count: 584

Flash Fiction

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